This sweetheart is the entire reason Racing For Rett was formed! Quinn is a beautiful 8 year old girl!  She was diagnosed with Rett Syndrome at 15 months old after not meeting developmental milestones.  Quinn is a fun loving 8 year old girl with a ton of sass! 

As Quinn's family, our main goal for awareness is informing others you can interact with her like any other kiddo her age.  She may not be able to verbally communicate with you, but she is aware of what you are saying and uses her own form of nonverbal communication to respond. 

What is Rett Syndrome?

  •  Serious lifelong neurological disorder caused by random mutations in a gene (MECP2)

  • ​Babies develop "normal" but begin to lose acquired skills between the ages of 1-3 years old

  • Leading genetic cause of severe impairment - most cannot speak, walk or use their hands

  • Many suffer from seizures, breathing problems, anxiety, feeding tubes, GI and orthopedic issues

  • As prevalent as Cystic Fibrosis, ALS and Huntington's

  • Rett Syndrome is a potentially REVERSIBLE DISORDER!